new styles dropping soon

We are gonna start carrying different styles of clothing in men’s and women’s so stay tune for new styles that are popping..

Dropping soon

About Treasure Coast Printz








Sunday-Closed all-day

What we do

At Treasure Coast Printz, we specialize in providing
customized printing services for a wide range of products, including t-shirts
and marketing items. Our expertise extends to various printing techniques,
including DTF (Direct-to-Film), DTG (Direct-to-Garment), UV, and vinyl


DTF Printing: Our DTF printing method involves printing
designs onto a special film, which is then transferred onto the desired product
using heat and pressure. This technique allows for vibrant, full-color designs
on various fabrics, including cotton, polyester, and blends.


DTG Printing: With our advanced DTG printing technology, we
can directly print high-resolution, full-color designs onto t-shirts and other
garments. This method is perfect for small to medium-sized orders and offers
excellent detail and color accuracy.


UV Printing: Our UV printing technique utilizes ultraviolet
light to cure ink onto various surfaces, including promotional items, signage,
and more. This method provides durable and vibrant prints with precise


Vinyl Printing: Vinyl printing involves cutting designs out
of colored vinyl material and heat pressing them onto products. This method is
ideal for creating single-color or multi-color designs with sharp lines and a
smooth finish. It is commonly used for customizing t-shirts, jerseys, and
promotional items.


Whether you need customized t-shirts, marketing items, or
other products, our skilled team at Treasure Coast Printz is dedicated to
delivering high-quality prints that meet your specific requirements. Contact us
today to discuss your printing needs and let us help you create personalized
items that make a lasting impression.


We are located in the Market place of lakeworth plaza

7386 Lakeworth rd Greenarces FL,33467

Where to find us

You can find us on social media on instagram @treasurecoastprintz or in person at our new location or art shows or up and coming events we will post any event we attend..

Contact us

561-970-9583 shop

561-664-5947 cell


we love Anime as much as everyone else haha we have new drops weekly.


One of our favorite hobby’s is getting out and battling a beast

Reef Life

We own up to 5 saltwater aquariums and we love the ocean so much we thought we’d bring our passions to you to enjoy aswell in a t-shirt


Our custom line of merch for everyone to show there support.


who doesn’t love cars we will be posting more car designs stay tuned!

4th Of July

Fathers Day

To all you great fathers out there I am a father of 2 and it’s the best thing in life enjoy your day fathers.


Money,Money,Money the root of all evil money can really change a person don’t let it change you..

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